The User Organizations

The SunPlus User Organizations fall into five different categories.  They are group in the following ways mostly because of the unique financial reporting challenges and may not be grouped this way in normal Adventist parlance.

Administrative Organizations

This category includes the GC, Divisions, Unions and Local Fields.  And while there are great differences in, say, the GC compared to a Mission in South-East Asia, in most cases the differences are primarily in volume of transactions and size.  But the accounting system challenges are very similar.

SunPlus are usually brand new and the Division SunPlus teams are racing to get the new Unions onboard.

Union Level Usage

TED has about one-half of their Unions on the software: The British Union, Baltic Union, Hungarian Union, Southeast European, and Adriatic.  Since the Software comes from the UK, it is easy to see why the British Union were quick to take it on.  Otherwise in the Division, the countries in the emerging economies were more likely to take it on.  The Northern Unions in the division (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Danish, Netherland Unions) assert that their countries prescribe which software they must use.

SUD, with only one of its Unions using the software, has just started implementing SunPlus in their field and SPD, with only half of its unions on the software, has decided to only use the software in Australia. It does have the Papua New Guinea union on the software.

The following are using SunPlus in substantially all of their Unions: ECD, ESD, IAD, NSD, SSD, and WAD.  In these Divisions, any Unions missing

Local Field Usage

The same divisions that have nearly all their Unions on the software also are fairly close to having all of their Conferences and Mission on the software.  NSD and IAD are substantially at 100%. With SSD (76%), ECD (66%), SID (76%), WAD (73%), hurrying to catch up.  Again one of biggest reason this is not at 100% is the creation of new local fields.

Educational Organizations

A summary recap of usage rates of the SunPlus software in the denomination’s educational organizations follows this introduction:

Colleges and Universities

A pleasant surprise of the SunPlus project is how useful the software in helping with the financial management to of the denominations Colleges and Universities.

Several Divisions have used it at 100% of their post-secondary institutions: ECD, SSD, TED and WAD.  These divisions followed a strategy of implementing their Colleges and Universities in tandem with their administrative units.

Other divisions set their administrative units as a priority and have more recently focused on their educational institutions: IAD, ESD
Two Divisions have showed no interest in using it this way: SPD and NSD. SUD is just getting started.  Given the nature of higher education in that Division, the SunPlus project may be very useful in addressing the needs there.

Here are a sample list of the Post Secondary Institutes who are using SunPlus:

Organization Division Country
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies GC Philippines
Adventist University Cosendai WAD Cameroon
Adventist University of Africa GC Kenya
Adventist University of Central Africa ECD Rwanda
Adventist University of the Philippines SSD Philippines
Adventist University Zurcher SID Madagascar
Babcock University WAD Nigeria
Bangladesh Adventist Seminary and College SSD Bangladesh
Belice Adventist Junior College IAD Belize
Belize Adventist College IAD Belize
Bugema University ECD Uganda
Central Philippines Adventist College SSD Philippines
Ethiopia Adventist College ECD Ethiopia
Middle East University GC Lebanon
Mission College / Asia Pacific International University SSD Thailand
Mountain View College SSD Philippines
Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary SSD Myanmar
Naga View Adventist College SSD Philippines
Newbold College TED England
Northern Caribbean University IAD Jamaica
Northern Luzon Adventist College SSD Philippines
Pakistan Adventist Seminary SSD Pakistan
Rusangu University SID Zambia
SDA Nurses Training College Kwadaso WAD Ghana
Solusi University SID Zimbabwe
Universidad Linda Vista IAD Mexico
Universitas Advent Indonesia SSD Indonesia
Universitas Klabat – UNKLAB SSD Indonesia
University of Arusha ECD Tanzania
University of Eastern Africa, Baraton ECD Kenya
University of Lukanga ECD Congo
University of Southern Caribbean IAD Trinidad
Valley View University WAD Ghana
Zaosksky Seminary and Institute ESD Russia

Secondary Schools

Secondary schools are emerging as an important priority in the SunPlus Network.  A notable example is ECD with 79% of their Secondary Schools in the system.

One remarkable development is happening on the Island of the Dominican Republic.  Recently 100+ elementary and high schools were brought into the SunPlus system by use of a centralized accounting center.  Accounting Centers will be discussed more fully later. But in short, the accountants for all of the schools are centralized and simply provide accounting reports to the leadership of the school.

There is still a lot of work to be done in this area.

Other Organizations

The divisions in Africa have made a special effort to start using SunPlus to help with their financial management in their hospitals.  Here are the percentages of hospitals implemented in Africa: ECD (100%), SID (70%), and WAD (77%). IAD (18%), SSD (35%) and SUD (0%) have just begun their efforts in this regard.

The other Sunplus Divisions SPD, TED, ESD have very few hospitals so they have, understandably, not put any efforts in this direction.

Below is a list of medical organizations using SunPlus:

Organization Division Country
Adventist Dental Clinic SSD Bangladesh
Djibouti Adventist Health Centre ECD Djibouti
Gimbie Adventist Hospital ECD Ethiopia
SDA Hospital – Tamale WAD Ghana
SDA Hospital – Obuasi WAD Ghana
Akomaa Memorial Adventist Hospital WAD Ghana
SDA Hospital – Namong WAD Ghana
SDA Hospital – Dominase WAD Ghana
SDA Hospital – Kwadaso WAD Ghana
SDA Hospital – Asamang WAD Ghana
Ghana Adventist Health Services WAD Ghana
Valley of the Angels Hospital IAD Honduras
Bandar Lampung Adventist Hospital SSD Indonesia
Rumah Sakit Advent Manado (Indonesia Adventist Medical Center) SSD Indonesia
Rumah Sakit Advent Indonesia (Medan) SSD Indonesia
Kendu Adventist Hospital ECD Kenya
SDA Health Services ECD Kenya
Eden Hospital NSD Korea
Cooper Hospital WAD Liberia
Adventist Health Services SID Malawi
Adventist Health Center Lilongwe SID Malawi
Blantyre Adventist Hospital SID Malawi
Malamulo Hospital SID Malawi
SDA Hospital and Motherless Babies Home WAD Nigeria
Jengre SDA Hospital WAD Nigeria
Ile-Ife Adventist Hospital WAD Nigeria
PU – Clinic SSD Pakistan
Manila Adventist Medical Center SSD Philippines
Mugonero Hospital ECD Rwanda
Kigali Dental Clinic ECD Rwanda
HIV International SID S. Africa
Arusha Medical & Dental Clinic ECD Tanzania
SDA Pasiansi Health Centre ECD Tanzania
Glei Adventist Eye Hospital WAD Togo
Community Hospital IAD Trinidad
Ishaka Adventist Hospital ECD Uganda
Adventist Health International GC USA
QUEACH – Queen Elizabeth’s Children’s Home SID Zimbabwe
Adventist Dental Practice SID Zimbabwe

Publishing Houses

Several Divisions have focused on implementing SunPlus in their publishing houses.  ECD, IAD, and WAD have all of their publishing houses using the software.

SID (40%)  and SSD (33%) are making some progress in this area.

The software, as originally purchased, did not include an inventory module.  To remedy this, recently the General Conference has purchased some inventory modules to close this gap.  This will make it much more reasonable to use the software in publishing houses.

In addition to this, a special publishing house job cost accounting system has been configured to work closely with the software to help improve this area.  It is now operating in the Advent Press publishing house in Accra, Ghana and will be rolled out throughout the denomination after testing.

Organization Division Country
Ethiopia Adventist Press ECD Ethiopia
Advent Press WAD Ghana
ABC – Ghana WAD Ghana
Home Health Education Service – Ghana WAD Ghana
Indonesia Publishing House SSD Indonesia
NC University Press IAD Jamaica
Africa Herald Publishing House ECD Kenya
Home Health Education Service – EAU ECD Kenya
Literature Ministry Seminary ECD Kenya
Mexican Adventist Editorial Group IAD Mexico
Casa Publicadora SID Mozambique
PU – Publishing House SSD Pakistan
Home Health Education Services – South Africa SID S. Africa
Tanzania Adventist Publishing House ECD Tanzania
Home Health Education Service – Tanzania ECD Tanzania
Christian Record Services GC USA


The SunSystems accounting software is being used by some very notable international development agencies like ADRA.

Currently their focus and urgent need is in the grant recipient countries of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  In Africa they have 32 ADRA Offices 17 (53%) are now using the software to track their grants.  ADRA Asia has 16 offices.  Eleven (69%) are using the SunSystem software.  For the Middle East it is 3 (38%) of the 8 ADRA offices. In addition ADRA England is using the software.