New Installer SunPlus 6.2 Q4 2019

A couple of years ago, the GC Accounting Software department started the promotion and distribution of Infor SunSystems version 6.3. This version of SunSystems brings new requirements for installation. One of the new requirements that are, by the way, very critical is that for this version a Windows domain, and a user with a Windows account are required for all installations. For small offices with Workgroup kind of networks, this new requirement represents a challenge. Windows domain is a group of networked computers that are controlled by (at least) one central machine. One or more servers, known as domain controllers, are set up to manage the other machines. This new requirement elevates the cost of the SunSystems implementation since a new machine and new Microsoft licenses are needed. For these scenarios SunPlus Cloud can be a nice solution. When joining the SunPlus Cloud, the office doesn’t need to stress about new hardware and new software licenses acquisition. But even Cloud is sometimes not suitable for some organizations. Thinking on those organizations we have decided to releases a new installer package for SunPlus 6.2. This version can be installed in a single computer and not Windows Domain environment is required.

The core databases on this installer are on the Patch Set level 52, and similar to the latest installer for SunSystems 6.3, the latest improvements for Forms and Reports have been included. Division SunPlus team is welcome to start downloading this installer and start distributing it among their territory.