New Version for Global Financial Statement file...

News June 15, 2022

June 15, 2022

Hey SunPlus Family,

We are excited to announce the release of the Global Financial Statement version 2.2!

Financial Statements provide an in-depth, detailed picture of the financial health of our organizations and their ability to meet short-term and long-term financial obligations and goals. That is why, over the past few months, the Global SunPlus Leadership Team has been working tirelessly to improve the quality and performance of the Global Financial Statements. We believe version 2.2’s upgraded features and performance will greatly enhance our end users’ experience of and reliance on SunPlus.

To download the Global Financial Statement 2.2 files, go to the SunPlus website: Go to the Resources menu. Select Latest Financial Reports Files.

A second option is to download the files directly from the SunPlus Repository:

Please refer to the Release Notes provided in the link above for more information about the changes included in version 2.2.

Suggestions and improvements regarding the Global Financial Statements can be submitted through: