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Ledger Revaluation revalues selected currency transactions using the exchange rates for the periods from the revaluation period to, and including, the current period. This allows calculation of the unrealized currency gain or loss or a currency balancing adjustment. For example, you can recalculate the base currency values from the transactions currency values for all of your debtor account transactions.
Revaluation Profiles allow you to define selection criteria for transactions that will be revalued when Ledger Revaluation is run using the selected Revaluation Profile. In a Revaluation Profile, you specify the source and target currencies. The revaluation Source Currency can be the base, transaction, or fourth currency. The Target Currency can be base currency or fourth currency.
You can create as many profiles for different types of currency transactions and for different combinations of currency revaluations you may require.
One Revaluation Profile comes as part of the SunPlus Core: MREVAL – Monthly Revaluation. Multi-Currency SunPlus sites are expected to run Ledger Revaluation once a month to synchronize the values of the base currency to estimated current values of foreign currencies. This process recognizes changes in the relative value of the foreign currency and adjusts the base currency amount.


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