Introducing the new SunPlus brand

The year was 2003 and the General Conference was searching for a name for its accounting software. Over fifty names were considered before a committee action was taken to “approve the choice of SunPlus as the product name.” A few weeks later SunPlus had its own logo and identity kit.

Much has happened since 2003. Today SunPlus represents more than just a product name. SunPlus is an integral ministry of the Adventist Church, helping treasury personnel carry out their important responsibilities in support of the church’s mission.

The logo and style communicate our standing as a professional organization, setting the bar high for the services and tools that we offer. The 3×3 grid helps convey one of the key aspects of our software, multidimensional accounting. The “plus” pattern helps reinforce that much of what we do relates to the additional things beyond SunSystems software. Clearly defined sub-brands are represented by reconfiguring the circles in the “plus” pattern.

The “plus” pattern also captures an essential part of SunPlus which is the SunPlus family. We are a network of thousands of people, always working together and helping each other using our God-given talents, skills, and experience. We all have different roles but we are aligned in mission, demonstrating a beautiful picture of service.


To extend and reinforce the range of services and products SunPlus offers, we have developed a sub-brand for each of our core service areas.

Brand assets

We have developed a range of templates and brand assets that will allow you to quickly implement the new branding in your daily work.


If you have any questions or have a specific need not available in the asset bank, please contact us at [email protected]

Brand Guidelines

Here you can download V1.0 of the Brand Guidelines. Please read these carefully before proceeding with use of the new logo and assets.