SunPlus Training Library (SunSystems)

Accounting Manual Seventh-day Adventist – SDA Denominational Accounting Manual

Accounting Theory

Account and Analysis PowerPoint Presentation – Shaw – overview of Accounts and Analysis

Accounting for Sponsored Students  – Tennyson – description of one method of accounting for sponsored students

Accounts Payable ManualShaw – covers all related processes; screenshots; no business cases

Accounts Receivable ManualShaw – covers all related processes; screenshots; no business cases

Allocated Fund Accounting PowerPoint PresentationShaw – overview

Analysis in SunPlus PowerPoint PresentationShaw – overview of Account Analysis; Analysis in reports

Business Case Studies – Orillosa – three spreadsheets presenting practice business case studies

Fund Accounting: The Romance of John and MaryTennyson – purpose for and nuances of Fund Accounting

Funded Ministry Cost Center AccountingShaw – overview; definitions; differences from traditional accounting

Mack’s Notes on Fund Accounting, Especially on the Plant FundTennyson – basics of Fund Accounting; includes sample transactions; business cases

Month-end / Year-end PowerPoint – Orillosa/Shaw; overview

Notes / Loans Policy PowerPoint – Shaw – overview; sample entries; month/year end entries

Preparing for Audit – GST – list of items to have in place before audit

Recording Properties Held for Others – Orillosa – overview

SunPlus Dimension Accounting Manual – Orillosa – discussion of various aspects of Dimension Accounting; Fixed Assets; Beginning Balances migration

Tithe Accounting – Orillosa/Tennyson – discusses Tithe and Allocated Fund Accounting in SDAAM context

Understanding Dimensional Accounting PowerPoint – Tennyson – Mack’s famous playing card presentation

School Accounting – SunPlus School Accounting

Account Allocation

Account Allocation in SunPlus – Shaw – screen-based documentation of AA functions; How-To’s; no business cases

Account Allocation PowerPoint – Shaw – overview of Account Allocation and its many uses

Analysis Dimensions

Analysis Dimensions in SunPlus: 5.2 – 5.4 – Friday – quick reference card

Analysis Manual – Shaw – screenshots; field-by-field; Analysis Dimension functions

Analysis Setup PowerPoint – Shaw – sequence of Analysis Dimension setup tasks; screenshots

Sample TFWW Entry – Orillosa – sample TFWW ledger entry


Authorization Handout – Shaw – step-by-step outline of authorizations process for end users; no screenshots

Configuring SunPlus to do Authorizations – Shaw – step-by-step outline of configuration process; no screenshots

SunPlus Authorizations – v5.2.1 – Shaw – overview of Authorizations process


Budget Upload Implementation Documentation – Orillosa – step-by-step process of creating and mapping a Budget upload
Budget Upload Spreadsheet – GST – upload template

Capital Asset Budgeting – Orillosa – brief discussion; sample reports/statements; sample transaction entries

Business Rules

Business Rule Exercise – GST – practice creating or modifying Business Rules

Rule Set Exercise  – GST – practice creating or modifying Business Rules and Redefines

Chart of Accounts

Change Account Status – Shaw – single screenshot showing how to change status

Currency Management

Currency Daily Rates Upload Spreadsheet – GST – upload template

Currency Period Rates Upload Spreadsheet – GST – upload template

Ledger Entry in Multi-Currency Accounting Systems – Shaw – discussion of various currency topics

Ledger Revaluation – Shaw – field-by-field How-To’s; no business cases

Mapping Instructions – Period Rates Upload – GST – single screenshot showing mapping

Multi-Currency Overview – Orillosa/Shaw – overview of multi-currency

Need for Multi-Currency – PowerPoint Presentation – Shaw – rationale for multi-currency system

Period Revaluation PowerPoint Presentation – Shaw – overview

What is Multi-Currency Accounting? – PowerPoint Presentation – Orillosa/Shaw – overview

Fixed Assets

Asset Appreciation Entries – Orillosa – How-To transaction entries

Asset Posting Presets – GST – How-To; screenshot based

Calculate Start Period for Depreciation – Spreadsheet – Orillosa – formula

Capital Assets PowerPoint Presentation  – Orillosa/Shaw-overview; step-by-step preparation and upload; recording entries; closing functions; depreciation entries

Depreciation Calculation – Shaw – field-by-field How-To; screenshots

Depreciation Rates in Terms of Years – SDAAM – simple list of expected life terms for asset types

Fixed Asset Entries in Short – Tennyson – summarization of asset entries document

Fixed Asset Overview PowerPoint Presentation – Shaw – common asset processes; How-To’s; screenshots

Fixed Asset Process Overview – GST – outline asset process; no business cases; no screenshots

Fixed Asset Setup / Balances Migration Procedures – Orillosa – preparation and upload

Fixed Asset Upload Documentation – Shaw – step-by-step preparation and upload; initial depreciation calculation


Beginning Balances Upload Preparation – Paican – preparation of site data for upload

Business Unit Build Steps – Orillosa – list of steps in application implementation

Business Unit Setup – Shaw – field-by-field How-To; screenshot

Exit Questionnaire – IAD ST – 1-page implementation exit questionnaire

Implementation Checklist – GST – checklist of implementation tasks

Multiple Site System Build Checklist – Shaw – simple checklist for multiple site implementations

Notes Setup – Shaw – How to set up the system for Notes on Natural Accounts and Functions

Post Implementation Checklist – GST – checklist for end of implementation QA

Voucher Number Setup – Shaw – How to set up the system for Voucher Numbering


Inquiring into Data in SunPlus – PowerPoint Presentation – Shaw – overview of inquiries

Journal Types / Journal Presets

Journal Types / Journal Presets – PowerPoint Presentation – Shaw – overview of JT/JP processes

Ledger Entry

Journal Basics – Shaw – overview of all Ledger Entry basics; no business cases; field-by-field coverage of screens; includes Held Journals

Ledger Entry – PowerPoint Presentation – Shaw – overview of entering transactions

Notes in Ledger Entry – Shaw – overview of use of Notes in the system; add; display; access Notes

Sample Entries for JV Training – Tennyson – some events to be used in LE Training.

TFWW Entry Sample – Orillosa – sample ledger entry transaction with TFWW

Transfer Entries – Orillosa/Tennyson – sample transfer entries; business case based

Ledger Management

Ledger Cleardown – Shaw – How to run Cleardown; screenshots

Ledger Revaluation – Shaw – How to run Revaluation


Add a Report to a Menu – Shaw – How to add a report

Add Executive Report to Favorites Menu – Shaw – step-by-step screenshots

Menu Navigation – PowerPoint Presentation – Shaw – how to get around in SunSystems

Month-End / Year-End Processes

Quick Reminder: Month-End / Year-End Processes – Shaw – reminder list of period end processes

Year-End Processes – Shaw – reminder list of period end processes


Adding Notes in SunPlus – Shaw – How to add and retrieve Notes

Notes Setup – Shaw – how to configure the system to allow Notes


Pay Master – Payroll Upload Template – GST – upload template for sites using SunPlus for Payroll

Q&A XL & Executive

New SunPlus Financial Statement Documentation – 2012 – Tennyson – explanation of changes made to the Financial Statements

Q&A Executive Training Course – 2008 – Rieley – Executive basics; creation of simple reports

Q&A Executive Training Document – Wahlen – step-by-step instructions for creating several simple reports

Retirement Platform

Retirement Accounting Platform – Orillosa – outline of the Retirement setup in SunPlus

Retirement Model — PowerPoint Presentation – Orillosa – basics of Retirement setup


Add ViewJV Buttons to Ledger Entry Forms – Friday – How to add a button

Implement SunPlus Barcode – Friday – summary of hardware and setup need for barcode

Post-Scanning Setup and Process – Friday – components needed for scanning setup

Proposal for Enhancement of Debit / Credit Memos – with Scanning Details – Friday – proposal

Review of eDOC Options  – Friday – eDOC options

Scanning Documents – PowerPoint Presentation of GC Treasury Process – Szasz – GC Scanning process

SunPlus Scanning  – GST – overview of scanning process

SunPlus Scanned Document Processes – Friday – overview of scanning; list of SunPlus provided components; setup details; office requirements; technical setup; defaults

ViewJV Prompts – Friday – ViewJV prompts; how-to

Special Cases

Accounting for Students Sponsored by the Organization – Tennyson – one approach to accounting for sponsored students

SunPlus Manuals

Accounts Payable Manual – Shaw – screenshot based; no business cases; comprehensive coverage of Accounts Payable functions

Accounts Receivable Manual – Shaw – screenshot based; no business cases; comprehensive coverable of Accounts Receivable functions

Start-up Manual – Application – Shaw – comprehensive manual; step-by-step; screenshots; FAQs; common errors and solutions      

Start-up Manual – Technical – Shaw – comprehensive manual; FAWs; screenshots; step-by-step instructions

SunPlus Accounting Processes Manual – Orillosa – discussion of various Accounting and system functions; mix of How To’s and accounting theory

User Manager Manual – Shaw – comprehensive coverage of User Manager functions and tasks

System Setup

Additional Fields Setup – Shaw – how to set up and use Additional Fields

Asset Class Codes – GST – discussion of the use of Asset Class Codes

Control Automatic Journal Listing – Shaw – how to change the setting that controls Journal Listing

Designing Forms / Attaching Forms to Menus – GST – overview; how-to

Form Designer – Shaw – screenshot based; basics of Form Designer

Internal Controls – PowerPoint Presentation – Shaw – overview of security in SunPlus

Master GDCOA Spreadsheet – GST

MICR Check Setup – Friday – setup values for MICR Checks

MOP Setting Cheatsheet – Shaw – quick reminder of MOP settings required for each GDCOA section

Voucher Number Setup – Shaw – how to set up Voucher Numbers

Transfers In / Out

Transfer Entries  – Orillosa – discussion of transfer process; sample cases

Upload Templates

Fixed Asset Upload Template – Gay

Key Concepts Instrument  – Orillosa – implementation preparation guidelines; can be used for upload

Ledger Import Mapping Instructions  – GST – instructions for mapping Ledger Import        

User Manager

Add User – Shaw – step-by-step setup of new User; no screenshots

User Manager Manual 5.4.1 – Shaw – comprehensive documentation of User Manager tasks; created for 5.4.1, but applicable across versions

Vertical Markets

EDU Core Design Instrument – GST – template of best practices; upload template revised for schools

EDU Core – School Accounting – Tennyson – best practices for implementers

MED Core – GST – illustrates setup of JVP Journal Type for patient information; MED use of Analysis Dimensions

MED Core Design Instrument – GST – Core features presented in Ken Concepts Instrument formatting

MED Core Master GDCOA – GST – proposed Master GDCOA – spreadsheet

MED Core – Notes from Design Committee – GST – notes on system structure decisions

PUB Core – Initial Notes – GST – outline of processes Andrew Kuntaraf has used at ABC centers


Cube Analysis – Paican – process of performing Cube Analysis in Q&A XL