SunPlus Releases Global Financial Statements Version 2.1

News September 30, 2021

September 29, 2021

SunPlus Global Leadership is happy to announce the release of Version 2.1 of the Global Financial Statements. This is the template which tithe-based and educational institutions use to generate their monthly financial statements. This has been one of our top priorities over the past year and we believe it will be a blessing to the organizations using SunPlus around the world.

The update includes hundreds of corrections and enhancements, making the statements easier to manage and more reliable. The release also includes new companion documentation including Release Notes, Implementer Documentation, and End User Documentation. We are also happy to announce that the Global Financial Statements and companion documents are available in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The SunPlus Financial Statement Design Committee has very much appreciated the testing process which involved most of the SunPlus divisions.

SunPlus Financial Statements

We’ve done our best to match everything to the Seventh-day Adventist Accounting Manual and incorporate the most recent International Accounting Standards and General Conference Working Policies. It is important to note that we have included the new disclosures for Working Capital and Liquidity according to the revised GC Working Policy S 24 which is expected to be voted at General Conference Annual Council in October. The legacy policy disclosure is also still available in the new template if needed.

In the documentation, we are including two standard communication channels which are important for users to know about. For support issues, we have a team always ready to help at [email protected]. Suggestions and improvements regarding the Global Financial Statements can be submitted through

SunPlus is a mission-driven denominational network providing and continuously improving a sound, globally applicable financial management system designed for use in the majority of the administrative and institutional organizations of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide.

SunPlus Global Financial Statements V.2.1 Download Here