SunPlus Releases Global Medical Financial Statements v1.1

The SunPlus team is thrilled to announce the publication of its latest and long-awaited report, titled Global Medical Financial Statements v1.1. Sound financial reporting is more vital than ever, so ensuring medical financial statements are as thorough and accurate as possible can help financial teams in medical institutions to better assess the facility’s overall health, identify inefficiencies, and deploy new cost-saving strategies. This much-anticipated document has been highly awaited by institutions and organizations in the medical sector and is set to make a significant and positive impact. This new report represents an important contribution to Seventh-day Adventist medical institutions using SunPlus.

Key Technical Highlights of the Report:

  • Centralized Setup Parameters: The A00000 Address Code provides most required Financial Statement parameters.
  • Net Asset Visibility Option: The Net Asset Visibility option allows statement users to choose the way the Net Assets in the Statement of Financial Position (01.FP) is displayed, either by Restrictions or by Resources.
  • New Working Capital and Liquidity Calculation: The statements incorporate the new General Conference Working Capital and Liquidity formula.
  • Departmental Financial Activity Statement: A Departmental Financial Activity Statement is incorporated in the Schedules of Financial Activity.  
  • Reconciliation: A general reconciliation page is available (14.RECO).
    • The basic Accounting Setup and Data are scanned for accuracy.
    • Potential errors are displayed, along with suggested causes of the issues.
    • In-page reconciliation control and messages are available on every page.
  • Dictionary: Executive file v1.1 is currently only available in English.
    • No separate dictionary file is required.
    • Following versions will incorporate other languages.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Infor Q&A Using Datalink for Product SunSystems 6 (SS6) 

The full report is now available for download on the SunPlus website here. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Please feel free to reach out to us for questions or suggestions at