SunPlusCLOUD Update

News February 26, 2021

February 26th, 2021

We are excited to announce the latest development in our SunPlusCLOUD strategy. This week the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC) signed a 3-year contract with a data center and managed service provider. SunPlus and GC ITS have been working together for more than a year to investigate and recommend a model and potential provider that would meet both the internal IT needs of the GC headquarters as well as the needs of SunPlusCLOUD users around the world. A formal request for proposal (RFP) was conducted with the help of an independent consultant, resulting in a final decision made by the General Conference Corporation Board.

This development is a huge step that will help ensure a solid working environment for existing and future SunPlusCLOUD users. It builds on existing relationships we’ve developed over the years and transitions us to an enterprise-grade infrastructure with multiple redundancies and security features. The initial configuration includes two data centers: one in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the other at the GC headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. The managed service aspect means that we can better meet the demands of a worldwide userbase. It also helps us manage the rapid changes in technology and security.

For our existing SunPlusCLOUD users, the changeover impact will be minimal. In fact, we have already been working with the provider in the new environment on a provisional basis due to some technology end-of-life issues on the old system. We also continue working directly with Infor to make sure our cloud environment and SunSystems deployments are fully optimized. As we continue the rollout, we appreciate user feedback to help us make sure everything is running smoothly.

For those SunPlus users considering joining SunPlusCLOUD, the new system has a number of features which will make a potential transition easier to assess and adopt. The process for new users and upgrading existing users will be easier and more efficient. Very soon we will have a service level agreement (SLA) for our users which will help document and ensure responsibilities and accountability. Our main goals are to enhance user experience and save money at the local level.

We have many future plans which will now be possible with the technology of the new environment, such as SunPlus web access, enhanced document management, and integration with local 3rd party and homegrown applications. We have seen clear evidence of God’s leading in this project and we continually seek His blessing and direction as we move forward in faith. Further inquiries can be made to [email protected].